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  • Date:
    • December 9, 6 PM


  • The Endy-Smolke Residence


CDS+DE+ME, SG+1, KT+1, JX, SR, BK, MHM, CMS+1, IJT+1, BR, JLA, BT+1, EW, CK, LAB+1, PFM+1.7, YL+2, MM, AC, MR+1, AH, SH+1(+2), TS, PJ+2
YHW (not sure), MS, RW, SM, KYW

SOs are welcome, so please indicate any +1s


Potluck! Here is the general distribution of things we need. Sign up for what you'd like to buy or make. Please bring enough for roughly 10-15 people.

To buy:

  • Drinks, both alcoholic (beer&wine) and non. (3 people): BT(wine), SH (wine), IJT (beer & non)
  • Appetizers (~3 person): MR, EW, CK (gruyere gougeres)
  • Fruits (as snack, dessert or appetizer; 1 person): AC

To make:

  • Entrees (~6 people): JX (duck), CMS, TS, PFM (chili), YL
  • Sides (~6 people): MHM (salad), KT (brussel sprouts), LAB, AH, JA (Cole Slaw V&GF), BK, PJ
  • Dessert (~4 people): SG (cheesecake), MM (tiramisu), SR (chocolate cookies), SH, BR (cake)

CDS and DE: meatloaf, mac&cheese, egg nog, polenta