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Smolke Lab 2013

Smolke Lab 2012

Smolke Lab 2011

Smolke Lab 2010

Smolke Lab 2009

Principal Investigator

Stanford Laboratory

Visiting Researchers

  • Dr. Brent Townshend

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Laboratory Assistant

  • Julie Anderson

Rotation Students

  • Cameron Kim (BioE; summer quarter; mentor: Melina Mathur)
  • Eric Trac (MD-PhD; summer quarter; mentor: Remus Wong)

Undergraduate Students

  • Maria Interrante (BioE, REU; mentor: Stephanie Galanie)
  • Emily Marx (BioE, REU; mentor: Kathy Wei)
  • Claudia Dennler (BioE, REU; mentor: Kate Thodey)

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Visiting High School Students