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Making Ethidium Bromide stock

  • Concentrated stock (20,000x)
    • Make the stock in a 15 mL Falcon tube with three tablets of EtBr (50 mg for each, 150 mg in total) and 15 mL of H2O.
    • The final concentration for the concentrated EtBr stock is 1 mg/mL.
    • After you make the stock, wrap the tube up with tin foil and place it in the 4C deli fridge.
    • NOTE: Any tips or tubes that touch the concentrated stock are considered as hazardous wastes and should go into hazardous waste bottle by the gel station.
  • Working stock (5,000x)
    • Take 250 uL of the concentrated EtBr stock (20,000x) out and add 750 uL of H2O (a total volume of 1000 uL).
    • The working stock is not considered as hazardous waste. (Lower than 0.4%)
  • Making gels
    • 20 uL of working stock (5,000x) per 100 mL agarose gel.
  • Created by Yen-Hsiang (07/13/2012)